New Spleen Blues (The Film)

a Jelly Brain Production © 2014

Directed by Federico Parodi in collaboration with Tone Trade Records
New Spleen Blues © 2013 written by Francesco Accurso and Kathleen Pearson
Storyboard and character design: Stefano Tambellini
2D animation (main character): Michele Tozzi
After Fx character animation, backgrounds, compositing and postproduction: Federico Parodi
Additional 2D animation: Jacopo Lanza (foxes) Victoria Musci (builders, pub guys)
Live action
Director of Photography: Betty Romani
Shooting: Betty Romani, Federico Parodi, Christophe Tweedie, Francesco Accurso
Grading: Jason R Moffat
Many thanks to: Cosima Spender, Sasha De Paz, Valerio Spada, Vittorio Boni

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