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No matter if you record at home or in a professional studio, you will always need a mixing engineer  to raise the quality of your final product. This is a skilled profession which requires experience and the right tools for the job, and here at ToneTrade we can deliver a polished, radio friendly and dynamically controlled mix which will raise the bar of your production

"Working with Francesco was a wonderful experience! His mixes were great and we had a fluent communication which allowed us to achieve a great end result! Looking forward to working with him again" Andres Mayo (2 Grammy Mastering Engineer)

Editing and Vocal Tuning:

There is no great production without meticulous editing. From fine pitch tuning to timing issues correction and audio repairs, we can take care of your recordings to meet today’s industry standards.

"Francesco is a true professional and someone we hope to work with again in the future!" Joe Lambert (Multi Grammy Nominated Mastering Engineer)

Reamping and Tone Improvement:

Not everybody has access to Class A analogue gear and great selection of Amplifiers, and way too often we rely on cheap preamp and converters which turn our tone sterile and digital sounding. Still your recordings can be greatly improved if run through high end analogue preamps, valve EQs and some of the best converters in the industry. Plus, if you are not happy with you guitar and bass tone, we can reamp them for you and run your clean direct track through one of our class A amps (Fender, Divided by 13, Matchless, Mesa-Boogie, Brunetti, Ulbrick) to give you the sound you were hoping for.

"Francesco is an extremely talented and professional musician and engineer. 
I worked with him for several years and it was a huge advantage having a guitarist at his level who is also a mixing engineer. I get commissioned by the BBC to write music and I’ve worked with world renowned musicians, producers and sound engineers who have worked for the likes of Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Emeli Sande etc - and Francesco’s passion, dedication and energy is next to non. He will be an invaluable asset to anyone’s team" - Yasmin Kadi (Singer Actress)

Guitar Sessions:

We can offer guitar work of any sort to enrich your productions. You can send us charts and written music or examples of the style you are after, and we will deliver your perfect takes already premixed for easy insertion into your project.

"I Have Had The Honors Of Playing and Production with Francesco Accurso. He Has never seem to Amaze Me with his playing and Knowledge of Music in General. They is No Place in Music He Wouldn't Sit Perfect in. I am the Eldest Son Of Muddy Waters, and I would go anywhere in the world with him playing" - Mud Morganfield

We want to make sure you are happy with our work and will come back for more, that’s why we will only take payment after you are 100% satisfied with the results

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